April 1, 2019

Recorded at Los Elefantes studio in September 2017.
Recording, mixing and mastering technician: Juan Belvis.
Cover photo: Paula Amenta.
Graphic design: Julia Moscardini.
Produced by Julia Sanjurjo and Ernesto Jodos.


1. Torre (Arnaldo Calveyra).
2. Seaman (Rodolfo Fogwill).
3. Sonora (Julia Sanjurjo).
4. Noé (Aldo Oliva).
5. Vespers (Roberto Juarroz).
6. The cause of the hours (Guillermo Saavedra).


Julia Sanjurjo, voice and composition.
Ernesto Jodos, piano.
Maximiliano Kirszner, double bass.
Sergio Verdinelli, drums.
Guest: Rodrigo Dominguez, soprano sax on tracks 1, 2 and 6.

Additional Information

All the songs composed by Julia Sanjurjo except for “Vísperas” which was composed in collaboration with Ernesto Jodos.
The poems were intervened in order to adapt them to music.

To Ernesto, Maxi, Sergio and Rodrigo for their human and musical dedication.
To the Vitale family, especially Lulo and Lito for their generosity.
To Juan, Paula and Julia for making it sound and look the way I wanted it.
To my family for the constant support.
To Carlos Casazza for listening carefully.
To Ernesto for his company, love and trust.

This material is part of the result of the Individual Creation Grant awarded in 2017 by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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