En vivo en Cuerda Mecánica

September 13, 2019

Recorded on September 13, 2019 at the Cuerda Mecánica Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Recording Technician: Santiago Bajder.
Mixing and Mastering: Mariano Míguez.
Cover artwork: Nataniel Edelman.


1. Night and day (Cole Porter).
2. Time remembered (Bill Evans).
3. Prelude to a kiss (Duke Ellington).
4. Monk's dream (Thelonious Monk).
5. For all we know (Fred Coots and Sam M. Lewis).


Julia Sanjurjo - Voice
Valentin Garvie - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Nataniel Edelman - Piano

Additional Information

Night and Day composed by Cole Porter. Time Remembered composed by Bill Evans. Prelude to a Kiss composed by Duke Ellington, Monk's Dream composed by Thelonious Monk and For all we know composed by Fred Coots and Sam M. Lewis.

Review by Michäel Attias

A great melody is a miracle. The mystery of its synergy and precision is what keeps music alive and flourishing. It is what weaves the stars into constellations, it is the moon in the window, the reflection of a face in a dark mirror. Give it your air and touch, heart, mind, body, life and dream; play it like it's the first time, or the last, with no middle ground. A song is a room one enters, three beautiful sound creatures appear, their faces bathed in their aura. They are tightrope walkers and melody is their rope, acrobats of the Interior. The song breathes and blows through them, and they through it. The notes shine in Julia's voice, in the harmonics of Nataniel, in the breath transforming the sound of Valentine's trumpet, they shine and fade, nothing is forced and the trace is erased, the perfume persists. It is the oldest and deepest thing that musicians can do together, share a song. Surrender to its spell and indwell its radiance for a little while. Night, day, time, memory, all a dream, for all we know ... »

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