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Julia Sanjurjo (Mar del Plata, 1993) is a singer, composer and arranger. He obtained a Bachelor of Musical Arts with an orientation in Composition at the National University of the Arts (UNA) where he studied composition with Santiago Santero, Diego Taranto and Cecilia Pereyra, among others.
Its route is developed mainly around the interpretation and composition of contemporary music, jazz and author music.
She has worked as a composer and arranger for various ensembles, including the Contemporary Music Ensemble of the National University of the Arts, the Tropi Ensemble and the "Juan de Dios Filiberto" Argentine National Music Orchestra.
Vocally she trained with Catalina Odriozola, Soledad de la Rosa and currently with Graciela Oddone as a regular student of the Diploma in Contemporary Music at the “Manuel de Falla” Conservatory of Music.
He studied improvisation with Bárbara Togander, Jorge Armani, Ernesto Jodos, Mariano “Tiki” Cantero, Marcelo Moguilevsky and Juan Cruz de Urquiza.
He has shared projects and stage with musicians such as Mono Fontana, Ricardo Lew, Tony Malaby, Joëlle Lèandre, Ernesto Jodos, Jorge Armani, Valentín Garvie, among others.
He has participated in classes in workshop format and masterclass dictated by musicians such as Jordi Mora (Spain), musicians who are members of the Ensamble Modern (Germany), Bill Frisell, Norma Winstone, Susana Rinaldi, Jay Clayton, Sheila Jordan, Maria Joao, Roberta Gambarini , Michael Formanek, Ralph Alessi, Ben Goldberg, Marilyn Crispell, Angélica Sánchez, among others.
She was a student of the SIM (School of Improvisational Music), a summer program at the Brooklyn Conservatory (NYC), where she studied with Bill Frisell, Kris Davis, Fay Victor, Andy Milne, Michael Formanek, Ralph Alessi, among other great musicians of the scene. of jazz and creative music from New York.
She was a fellow of the National Fund for the Arts on two occasions during 2015 to participate in the "III and IV Meeting of Improvisation and Musical Composition". In 2016 she obtained the Individual Creation Grant, also from the FNA scholarship program, to carry out the project that consisted of musicalizing poetry by Argentine authors.
As a choir, highlights her journey through the Chamber Choir of the University of Mar del Plata (from 2009 to 2012) concluded with the participation in the renowned EUROPA CANTAT (2012) based in the city of Torino (Italy). Between 2017 and 2019 he was a member of the XXI Chamber Vocal Ensemble, directed by Miguel Pesce, which has participated and been awarded in the “Tolosa International Choir Contest - 2017” (Basque Country).
Since 2019 she has worked as a backup choir (mezzo-soprano) in the National Polyphonic Choir.
He has performed in various stages and festivals such as: Salón Dorado, Main Hall and Experimentation Center of the Colón Theater in Buenos Aires (composition and interpretation residencies), Symphonic Hall and Argentina of the CCK, "International Jazz Festival of Buenos Aires" , “Contemporary Music Cycle of the San Martín Theater”, “Piazzolla Marplatense Festival”, “Mar del Plata International Film Festival”, “Mar del Plata Jazz Festival”, “Necochea Bosque Jazz”, “CC Haroldo Jazz Festival Conti ”, among others.
He has recorded for various jazz, original music and improvisation projects, among which is his first album entitled "Umbral" (2014) with guitarist Jorge Armani, "Little sister explosions" by the group Salgado y Asociados, and "Portrait" (2019) as soloist and leader of his own music project with Ernesto Jodos on piano, Maximiliano Kirzsner on double bass, Rodrigo Domínguez on sax and Sergio Verdinelli on drums.
For several years he has been working hard as a teacher, both for private and group instruction. He has taught classes, seminars and workshops for institutions such as UNA (National University of the Arts), IUPA (Patagonian University Institute of the Arts), the Higher School of Music of Neuquén, Association of Vocational Choirs of Buenos Aires (Winners of the project Cultural Patronage 2019), among others.
He currently works as a tenured teacher of the Musical Creation Workshop within the Composition Technique / Degree at the National University of Quilmes.